Wires & Thread

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Bind Wire 24G 0.56mm Reel

Bind Wire 24G 0.56mm Reel£1.00  -  £7.65

Brown Rustic Wire

Brown Rustic Wire£6.30

Clear Display Thread

Clear Display Thread£1.50  -  £19.95

Copper Floral Mesh

Copper Floral Mesh£8.95

Cotton Twine Ball

Cotton Twine Ball£1.95

Flat Wire Ring

Flat Wire Ring£4.95  -  £17.85

Green Bindwire

Green Bindwire£5.70

Green Jute Ball Twine

Green Jute Ball Twine£3.30

Green Rustic Wire

Green Rustic Wire£6.30

Natural Bindwire

Natural Bindwire£5.70

Natural Rustic Wire

Natural Rustic Wire£6.30

OASIS® Bindwire

OASIS® Bindwire£9.54  -  £10.95

OASIS® Jute Mossing Twine

OASIS® Jute Mossing Twine£1.70

Raised Wire Ring

Raised Wire Ring£6.30  -  £29.50


Page 1 of 1:    19 Items
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