Ammi Majus (Dill)

Ammi Visnaga and Ammi Majus, often simply called Dill, is a versatile and charming addition to any bouquet or floral arrangement. It features delicate, lacy white flowers that resemble dill or Queen Anne's lace. These airy blooms bring a touch of elegance and grace to any floral creation. While Ammi doesn't have a strong scent, its delicate appearance more than makes up for it. Though most prolific during the spring and summer months, we can generally source it all year round, making it perfect for adding a fresh and romantic touch to seasonal arrangements. Ammi is grown in various regions around the world. When caring for Ammi cutting the stems at an angle and changing the water regularly can help prolong its vase life. Its delicate beauty and versatility make it a favorite among floral enthusiasts.

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Ammi Majus Graceland 70cm

Ammi Majus Graceland 70cm£0.98

Ammi Majus Graceland Pbs 70cm

Ammi Majus Graceland Pbs 70cm£10.36

Ammi Vis Green Mist 70cm

Ammi Vis Green Mist 70cm£0.84

Ammi Visnaga 70cm

Ammi Visnaga 70cm£0.75


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