Anemone is also known by the alternative name "windflower," reflecting its delicate nature. These flowers come in a wide array of captivating colors, including shades of white, pink, purple, and red, offering endless possibilities for stunning floral arrangements. While Anemone doesn't typically have a strong scent, its vibrant petals and striking form make up for it. These exquisite blooms are generally available from October to April, adding a touch of beauty to seasonal bouquets. Anemone is grown in various regions around the world, and its Latin name is Anemone coronaria. Special care tips for Anemone include trimming the stems at an angle, providing them with fresh water regularly, and keeping them in a cool location.

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Anemone Co Galil Wit 40cm

Anemone Co Galil Wit 40cm£3.88

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