Fresh Flowers

You can now order fresh flowers online for our next flower arrival from Holland.

Flowers are available for collection from our shop in South Godstone (why not grab a coffee when you come) or we can courier them to you. Our ordering timetable is shown below.

Order online between

Order in person, by phone or email* by

Flowers arrive at Flowers for Florists on

Couriered delivery on

Mon 12:30 to Wed 12:30

Wed 12:30


Sat or Tues**

Wed 12:30 to Fri 12:30

Sat 12:30


Wed, Thu or Fri

Fri 12:30 to Mon 12:30

Sun 12:30


Thu, Fri or Sat

* Please note if you order in person, by phone or email, your order will be part of our larger bulk order and we may combine your order with other similar orders so prices may differ from those you see on the web shop.

** If you are ordering flowers to be delivered by courier to you on a Tuesday, please be aware that we have to have the flowers arrive with us the week before in order to be able to dispatch to you on the Monday. This should not be an issue with most flowers as we will store them over the weekend in our fridge, however if you are interested in more delicate flowers it might be worth considering changing your order to a different delivery day.

Please note that when ordering we would always advise you to order flowers to arrive a few days before you need them. This will give you time to condition them before use.

We have just made this section live, so all feedback is appreciated, please also forgive any glitches we may have missed and be sure to let us know about them!

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