Astilbe, sometimes known as "false spirea," captivates with its feathery plumes of delicate flowers. These exquisite blooms come in a variety of colors, including shades of pink, white, red, and purple, offering a soft and romantic touch to floral arrangements. While Astilbe doesn't possess a strong scent, its elegant appearance more than compensates. Astilbe is grown in various regions around the world, and its Latin name is Astilbe. Astilbe was first introduced as a cut flower in the late 19th century and quickly gained popularity for its unique texture and graceful appearance.

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Astilbe Ar Erika 70cm

Astilbe Ar Erika 70cm£1.35

Astilbe C Vi Inferno 55cm

Astilbe C Vi Inferno 55cm£2.33

Astilbe Ja Europa 50cm

Astilbe Ja Europa 50cm£1.12

Astilbe Ja Europa 60cm

Astilbe Ja Europa 60cm£1.35

Astilbe Ja Washington 45cm

Astilbe Ja Washington 45cm£0.89

Astilbe Ja Whasingthon 50cm

Astilbe Ja Whasingthon 50cm£1.07

Astilbe Ja Whasingthon 55cm

Astilbe Ja Whasingthon 55cm£1.35

Astilbe Ja Whasingthon 60cm

Astilbe Ja Whasingthon 60cm£1.47

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