Angiozanthos / Kangaroo Paw

Angiozanthos, also known as kangaroo paw. Angiozanthos is a unique and striking flower that resembles the paw of a kangaroo, hence its amusing alternative name. These flowers come in a wide range of vibrant colors, including shades of red, yellow, orange, and pink, offering a bold and eye-catching display. While Angiozanthos doesn't typically possess a strong scent, its unusual shape and vibrant hues more than make up for it. These remarkable blooms are often available year-round, making them a versatile choice for floral arrangements throughout the seasons. Angiozanthos is primarily grown in Australia, and its Latin name is Anigozanthos. Interestingly, Angiozanthos is not only admired for its beauty but also for its significance in indigenous Australian culture, where it is considered a symbol of hospitality and good luck.

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Angiozanthos Bush Gold 80cm

Angiozanthos Bush Gold 80cm£1.59

Angiozanthos Gold Fever 80cm

Angiozanthos Gold Fever 80cm£1.59

Angiozanthos Oranje 80cm

Angiozanthos Oranje 80cm£1.59


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