Aster (September)

Aster, also known as September flower. These charming blooms come in a wide variety of colors, including shades of pink, purple, blue, and white, offering a beautiful palette for floral arrangements. While Aster is not known for its strong scent, its dainty petals and vibrant hues more than compensate. Asters are grown in various regions around the world, and their Latin name is Asteraceae. The name "aster" is derived from the Greek word meaning "star," reflecting the flower's star-like appearance. Additionally, in the language of flowers, Asters symbolize love, faith, and wisdom.

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Ageratum H Blue Planet 60cm

Ageratum H Blue Planet 60cm£0.94

Aster Astee Dark Milka 80cm

Aster Astee Dark Milka 80cm£1.07

Aster Astee Parade 85cm

Aster Astee Parade 85cm£1.58

Aster Cassandra 75cm

Aster Cassandra 75cm£1.43

Aster Cassy 80cm

Aster Cassy 80cm£1.03

Aster Claudia 80cm

Aster Claudia 80cm£1.78

Aster Monte Cassino 80cm

Aster Monte Cassino 80cm£1.52

Aster Pretty Wendy 80cm

Aster Pretty Wendy 80cm£1.56

Aster White Gypsy 85cm

Aster White Gypsy 85cm£1.49

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