Stocks, also known as "Gillyflowers," or "Matthiola" are exquisite cut flowers that add a touch of charm and fragrance to any floral arrangement. With their densely-packed clusters of small, delicate blossoms in an array of colors including pink, white, lavender, and yellow, Stocks bring beauty and elegance to bouquets and centerpieces. To ensure their longevity, trim the stems at an angle and place them in a vase filled with fresh water. Stocks appreciate cool temperatures and bright, indirect light. One of the most enchanting qualities of Stocks is their intoxicating scent, which fills the air with a sweet, spicy fragrance. These flowers are popularly used in wedding arrangements, fragrant bouquets, and cottage-style designs. Stocks are typically available during the spring and summer months, making them a perfect choice for adding seasonal beauty and captivating fragrance to your floral creations. Embrace the allure of Stocks and let their blossoms and aroma captivate your senses.

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Stocks Aida White 60cm

Stocks Aida White 60cm£1.00

Stocks Champagne 55cm

Stocks Champagne 55cm£1.00

Stocks Debora 54cm

Stocks Debora 54cm£1.00

Stocks Lavender 53cm

Stocks Lavender 53cm£1.47

Stocks Light Rose 53cm

Stocks Light Rose 53cm£1.31

Stocks Mathilda Pink 60xm

Stocks Mathilda Pink 60xm£1.05

Stocks Purple Dark 53cm

Stocks Purple Dark 53cm£1.00

Stocks Red 65cm

Stocks Red 65cm£0.89

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