Amaranthus, also known as love-lies-bleeding or tassel flower. Amaranthus boasts unique and eye-catching features, with its cascading clusters of vibrant and richly colored blooms that resemble tassels or hanging ropes. The colors of Amaranthus vary and can range from deep burgundy and vibrant red to shades of pink and green, offering a wide spectrum of options for stunning floral arrangements. While Amaranthus doesn't have a strong fragrance, its ornamental appeal more than compensates. These flowers are generally available during the summer and autumn months, making them a popular choice for seasonal bouquets. Amaranthus is grown in various regions around the world and its Latin name is Amaranthus. Special care tips for Amaranthus include providing it with plenty of water and trimming the stems regularly to prolong its vase life. Amusingly, Amaranthus is often referred to as "foxtail" due to its bushy, tail-like appearance.

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Amaranthus Ca Cycloop 75cm

Amaranthus Ca Cycloop 75cm£5.04

Amaranthus Ca Rosary 75cm

Amaranthus Ca Rosary 75cm£5.04


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