Astrantia, also known as masterwort. Astrantia enchants with its intricate and delicate appearance, resembling a miniature starry bouquet. These charming blooms come in a variety of colors, including shades of pink, white, and deep burgundy, offering a touch of elegance to floral arrangements. While Astrantia doesn't possess a strong scent, its captivating beauty more than compensates. Interestingly, Astrantia has a long history of use in traditional herbal medicine, where it was believed to possess various healing properties. In terms of floristry, Astrantia gained popularity as a cut flower in recent years, thanks to its unique structure and intricate blooms.

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Astrantia Billion Stars 50cm

Astrantia Billion Stars 50cm£0.77

Astrantia Billion Stars 60cm

Astrantia Billion Stars 60cm£0.84

Astrantia Billion Stars 70cm

Astrantia Billion Stars 70cm£0.96

Astrantia Pink Pride 55cm

Astrantia Pink Pride 55cm£0.91

Astrantia Red Joyce 55cm

Astrantia Red Joyce 55cm£0.79

Astrantia Roma 40cm

Astrantia Roma 40cm£0.65

Astrantia Roma 50cm

Astrantia Roma 50cm£0.79

Astrantia Roma 60cm

Astrantia Roma 60cm£0.88

Astrantia Rosa Lee 50cm

Astrantia Rosa Lee 50cm£0.65

Astrantia Shaggy 55cm

Astrantia Shaggy 55cm£0.91

Astrantia Star Of Fire 60cm

Astrantia Star Of Fire 60cm£0.98

Astrantia Star Of Love 50cm

Astrantia Star Of Love 50cm£0.61

Astrantia Star Of Love 60cm

Astrantia Star Of Love 60cm£0.79


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