Eryngium, commonly known as sea holly, is a captivating and unique cut flower that adds texture and intrigue to floral arrangements. With its spiky appearance and steel-blue or silvery color, eryngium stands out and brings a touch of wild beauty to bouquets and designs.

Sea holly is often referred to by its alternative names, including "thistle" or "blue thistle," although it is not a true thistle. The distinctive steel-blue or silvery hues of eryngium make it a popular choice for adding a cool, contemporary element to floral compositions. It also comes in other colors such as green and purple, allowing for versatile use in various color schemes.

While eryngium doesn't have a strong scent, some varieties may emit a subtle, pleasant fragrance. Its primary appeal lies in its unique visual characteristics and textural interest.

In terms of seasonal availability, eryngium is typically found during the summer and fall months, with peak availability in July and August. It is grown in different parts of the world, including Europe, North America, and Asia.

Eryngium is a hardy flower that requires minimal care. To maximize its vase life, it is recommended to cut the stems at an angle and place them in a clean vase filled with fresh water. Eryngium has a natural ability to retain water, making it relatively long-lasting. However, it's important to avoid exposing the flower to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can cause premature wilting.

An amusing anecdote about eryngium is that its name is derived from the Greek word "eryngion," which means "prickle." This name perfectly encapsulates its thistle-like appearance and spiky texture.

Eryngium has become a favorite choice among floral designers and garden enthusiasts for its unusual and captivating features. Whether used in wildflower arrangements, rustic bouquets, or modern floral designs, eryngium adds a unique touch and a sense of untamed beauty to any floral creation.

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Eryngium Aqua Questar 60cm

Eryngium Aqua Questar 60cm£1.10

Eryngium Aquarius Qstar 40cm

Eryngium Aquarius Qstar 40cm£1.01

Eryngium Aquarius Qstar 50cm

Eryngium Aquarius Qstar 50cm£1.33

Eryngium Aquarius Qstar 70cm

Eryngium Aquarius Qstar 70cm£1.78

Eryngium Blue Dynamite 50cm

Eryngium Blue Dynamite 50cm£1.33

Eryngium Blue Dynamite 60cm

Eryngium Blue Dynamite 60cm£1.68

Eryngium Blue Dynamite 80cm

Eryngium Blue Dynamite 80cm£2.19

Eryngium Magnetar Qstar 40cm

Eryngium Magnetar Qstar 40cm£1.01

Eryngium Magnetar Qstar 60cm

Eryngium Magnetar Qstar 60cm£1.33

Eryngium Orion 60cm

Eryngium Orion 60cm£1.33

Eryngium Orion Qstar 40cm

Eryngium Orion Qstar 40cm£1.01

Eryngium Orion Qstar 70cm

Eryngium Orion Qstar 70cm£1.68

Eryngium Orion Qstar 80cm

Eryngium Orion Qstar 80cm£2.06

Eryngium Sirius Qstar 40cm

Eryngium Sirius Qstar 40cm£1.01

Eryngium Sirius Qstar 70cm

Eryngium Sirius Qstar 70cm£1.87

Eryngium Sirius Questar 50cm

Eryngium Sirius Questar 50cm£1.50

Eryngium Supernova 70cm

Eryngium Supernova 70cm£1.68


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