Please note that Roses, and many other flowers are graded for quality.  A1 are the highest quality, A2 are an inferior quality and are thus cheaper. A2 are perfectly useable flowers but might have bent stems or a shorter lifespan. 

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Rose Adele 60cm

Rose Adele 60cm£2.20

Rose Adele 70cm

Rose Adele 70cm£2.33

Rose Albatros 60cm

Rose Albatros 60cm£1.50

Rose Alchemy 60cm

Rose Alchemy 60cm£1.50

Rose Alpe Dhuez 60cm

Rose Alpe Dhuez 60cm£1.40

Rose Alpe Dhuez 70cm

Rose Alpe Dhuez 70cm£1.61

Rose Aprikola 70cm

Rose Aprikola 70cm£2.03

Rose Aqua! Power 50cm

Rose Aqua! Power 50cm£1.21

Rose Aqua! Power 60cm

Rose Aqua! Power 60cm£1.59

Rose Arancio 60cm

Rose Arancio 60cm£1.49

Rose Athena 50cm

Rose Athena 50cm£1.43

Rose Athena Extra 40cm

Rose Athena Extra 40cm£0.96

Rose Athena Extra 60cm

Rose Athena Extra 60cm£1.63

Rose Athena Royale 40cm

Rose Athena Royale 40cm£1.03

Rose Athena Royale 60cm

Rose Athena Royale 60cm£1.78

Rose Atomic 50cm

Rose Atomic 50cm£1.35

Rose Attraction 50cm

Rose Attraction 50cm£1.42

Rose Avalanche A2 50cm

Rose Avalanche A2 50cm£1.05

Rose Avalanche A2 60cm

Rose Avalanche A2 60cm£1.49

Rose Avalanche Peach+ 60cm

Rose Avalanche Peach+ 60cm£1.91

Rose Avalanche Sorbet+ 60cm

Rose Avalanche Sorbet+ 60cm£1.35

Rose Avalanche+ J&k 70cm

Rose Avalanche+ J&k 70cm£1.61

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Page 1 of 10:    218 Items
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