Chyrsanthemum Spray

Spray chrysanthemums, also known as spray mums, are charming and versatile cut flowers that feature multiple small blooms on a single stem. Spray chrysanths can come as "singles" with a green or coloured middle or as "doubles" with no visible centre.

Spray chrysanthemums come in a wide range of colors, including white, yellow, pink, lavender, and bronze.

White double chrysanths, sometimes know as "basing" are the popular flower for use in funeral tributes and funeral designs, with the varieties; Euro, Bonita and Baltica being popular basing flowers with florists.

While some spray chrysanthemum varieties may have a mild fragrance, others are scentless. This makes them suitable for individuals who prefer flowers without strong aromas.

Spray chrysanthemums have been cultivated and used in floristry for centuries. Their delicate and abundant flowers make them a staple in arrangements for various occasions, from weddings to everyday floral displays. Their versatility and charm continue to make them a favorite choice among florists and flower enthusiasts alike.

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Chrysnth Spry Abbey 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Abbey 70cm£1.45

Chrysnth Spry Altaj 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Altaj 70cm£1.86

Chrysnth Spry Babe 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Babe 70cm£1.33

Chrysnth Spry Baltica 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Baltica 70cm£1.12

Chrysnth Spry Bolte 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Bolte 70cm£1.16

Chrysnth Spry Bonita 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Bonita 70cm£1.16

Chrysnth Spry Bontempi 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Bontempi 70cm£1.03

Chrysnth Spry Bonus 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Bonus 70cm£1.33

Chrysnth Spry Celebrate 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Celebrate 70cm£1.43

Chrysnth Spry Chic 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Chic 70cm£1.49

Chrysnth Spry Coconut 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Coconut 70cm£0.93

Chrysnth Spry Commander 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Commander 70cm£1.50

Chrysnth Spry Copa 70cm

Chrysnth Spry Copa 70cm£1.63

Chrysnth Spry Daydream 65cm

Chrysnth Spry Daydream 65cm£1.49

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